The mission of the Hubcoin is uniting altcoin developers, creating instruments for them, and providing assistance with investments and promotion. Announce: ICO page: (3.6 btc rised) 2017-07-17 UTC - 2017-07-31 UTC Premine was distributed between all the altcoin developers, who agreed to receive it: Saracenis (Topaz coin), Belligerent Fool (BenjiRolls), UsuallyHappens (PartyCoin), PhoenixWarrior333 (FidgetCoin), CryptoWiz420 (Turbostake),, AtomicProject (Atomic Coin), mbmagnat (Evotion), bumbacoin (BumbaCoin), victoriouscoin(Victoriouscoin), Bzzzum (Deutsche eMark), TrollCoins (TrollCoins), Whitey92d15b7 (GPU Coin), ACP (AnarchistsPrime), OBAViJEST (Doubloon) , soulgate (Virtacoinplus), joshafest (B3Coin), LiftOff1969 (UDOWNcoin), pallas (Cryptonite), vashshawn(corgicoinV2), DreamCrusherFTW(MOZZI), notnormals(InsaneCoin) There are giveaway thread, all devs confirmed Hubcoin team membership and promised to get premine:

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